Company Profile 

Determined by the vision to excel in the field of present-day technologies, Committed to advancement, we constantly look for means in providing right & optimal futuristic solutions to our clients. Standing firm on the foundation of goodwill and trust made by our parent company, we are surging ahead in various arenas and venturing into new avenues of creation and associations.

We are one of the leading factories which develops and produces CCTV products in India, supported by the SafeZone Industries as the most importantly developed company. COBRA has a R&D division in Shenzhen high-tech research center, possessing the most advanced patent for electronic R&D technique, leading us to be among the best in modern technology.

We believe the trend of the future development of the CCTV industry is that “a strong company is sometimes not huge sized”. We believe only by adding value to our customers, to our employees and to the society can we survive and thrive, and this is exactly the most important value of us.


Innovation for Perfect Life


  • Innovative Idea
  • Innovative Products
  • Innovative Technology
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Innovative Service
  • Create value for customers, Create opportunities for employees, Create benefits for shareholders
  • Reward the Society

Core Values

Customers-Oriented, Innovation, Concentration, Teamwork, Win-win, Responsibility.
COBRA`s core values are rooted in our deepest core beliefs and its guiding ideology and intrinsic motivation of the daily work of COBRA People. We shared commitments to future-oriented and ensure that unison to provide effective services for customers, achieves COBRA’s mission and vision “Innovation for Perfect Life”.


In the CCTV industry, why some companies and thrive for a long time, while others failed in a short time? The answer is that the long thriving companies have very clear strategy planning and management, which leads the company developing to a correct direction. NAGA IMPEX has a clear strategy and every employee in the company follows the strategy.