The elegant looking X990 from the house of Essl is a standalone biometric fingerprint time and attendance terminal. This smart Essl X990 Biometric Attendance System provides exceptional performance and is of optimum use. It is designed specifically to popularise the finger print products and give work management a new dimension of perfection and ease of operations. The compact design and stylish details make it look very attractive. The compact design also makes it occupy lesser space. It is available on Snapdeal at a pocket-friendly price.


This smart standalone terminal a ZK optical sensor which recognises every fingerprint easily. A large capture area ensures reliability and boosts effectiveness of it detection and scan process. This smart machine reads fingerprints as well as accepts pins. It can easily read a wide range of fingerprints accurately and rapidly regardless of the placement angle.

Storage Capacity

It houses an optional integrated proximity or smart card reader. It can store 3,000 fingerprint templates and 1,00,000 transaction records providing seamless operations.


The X990 features a colour TFT screen with GUI interface maintenance simplicity of work and ease of use. It comes with a 4 x 4 keyboard for pin inputs.


The Essl X990 Biometric Attendance System features TCP/IP and USB. The built in USB port allows for manual data transfer even when network is not available. It also features built-in serial and Ethernet ports and offers multi-language support.

Power and Environment

The power supply required is 5V DC 2A. The operating temperature is 0 to 45 degrees Centigrade that allows it to perform even when the temperature is high. The operating humidity ranges between 20 to 80 percent.


SDK is available for OEM customers and software developers. It is compatible with Smart office suite desktop and web.

Major Applications

Time and attendance can be easily maintained and monitored with the help of this Essl X990 Biometric Attendance System. Schools and colleges are rapidly implementing the fingerprint reading technology for calculating the attendance and for various other purposes. Maintaining records of the members and faculty can be done with its installation at various places like libraries, gyms, clubs, and so on.

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