Ideal for Pedestrian or vehicle entrance management with or without toll payment

  • management of subscription services for gyms, sports centres and small private car parks
  • dedicated software and works with transponder and magnetic stripe cards
  • complete with traffic lights and illuminated sign
  • “on board” sensor for perfect operation even in stand alone mode
  • access control of up to 500 users

Dedicated software

  • clear and intuitive graphical interface
  • runs on windows and requires no special hardware
  • configurable according to the needs of the system
  • memorisation of cards and parameters assigned to each user
  • “progressive” management of entries even with values diversified customizable on the single sensor
  • compatible with any Came automation, such as road barriers and chain barriers

The features

  • prepaid access. The “credit” on the card belonging to the user is “debited” for access. The credit must be allocated by adding the card in the system and each sensor can be associated with a different credit value
  • prepaid time parked. The credit on the card belonging to the service user is debited according to the time spent in the facility
  • blocking cards. Card operation can be blocked at any time
  • adding users. A new card can be added at any time
  • antipassback. This is a function that prevents several users from entering using the same card
  • timed antipassback. This is a function that blocks card usage for a certain period of adjustable time after entry

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