The keyword – modularity:

  • 3 different models to suit every need.
    From 2.5 to 4 m of usable opening, with various types of wand and different selections of dedicated accessories; the Gard series is always the ideal solution.
  • Configured for the installation of the flashing light.
    Came Kiaro flashing lights can be installed directly on Gard series cabinets.
  • Also made from stainless steel for special uses.
    The G4001 model is equipped with an AISI 304 stainless steel cabinet for particularly critical installations such as motorway tollbooths or near the sea where the salt concentration in the atmosphere is higher.
  • Wand with shockproof rubber profile.
    Made from aluminium profile, it comes with a rectangular or circular section to minimise the sail effect.

Also combined with the “slave” feature

Using a suitable contact on the control panel, the G4000N – G4001 models can be combined and it is therefore possible to control the movement of two opposing operators.

The 230 V electronics

  • only 2 seconds to clear the opening for effective transit management
  • self-learning of the radio code from the transmitter to the receiver
  • possibility of “hold-to-run” command according to what is envisaged in the applicable safety standards

The advantages of 24 V electronics

  • no more power failures. The electronics automatically detects any power failure and activates emergency operation by using backup batteries
  • speed under control. According to requirements, the electronics is able to adjust the speed of manoeuvre
  • intensive use. The low voltage gearmotor ensures ideal operation of the barrier in conditions of intensive use
  • obstacle detection. A special electronic circuit constantly analyses regular operation, either stopping or reversing the movement when coming into contact with any obstacles

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