Making the right choice for your gate

The opening system depends on the layout of your gate entrance: clearance available inside and possible overlap outside.
Before choosing, check access to your home (on a slope, narrow…)

Leaf gate

  • Traditional
  • Quick opening
  • Choice of opening direction: inwards or outwards
  • Compatible with slope opening

Sliding gate

  • Modern
  • Attractive
  • Requires a horizontal clearance surface

Why should you motorize your gate?

  • No more manual efforts! You can open and close your gate without getting out of your car, parking on the pavement or leaving the house open for guests.
  • To strengthen the level of security for your home.
  • To control the gate, side door and garage door opening on a single command.
The benefits of Somfy gate motors:
Détection automatique d’obstacle Automatic obstacle detection: 

the motor stops instantly.

Programmation de la fermeture automatique Automatic closure programming

after passing through or a set time.

Fonctionnement sur batterie Battery-powered

if the power fails.

Ouverture partielle Partial opening

to let pedestrians or bikes through.

Protection contre la tentative d’effraction Protection against attempted break-in

when the motor is pushed, forced opening is almost impossible.

Ready for home automation and connected house


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