High technology protection…

  • Self-protected (alert in case of failure) and 100% independent system (operates even if there is a power cut).
  • Dual secured radio frequency with information feedback to confirm start-up on keypad and remote control.
  • PSTN (telephone line) and/or GSM transmission (if the line is cut and to receive alerts on smartphone)
  • Remote home surveillance with interior and/or exterior IP cameras
  • Signalling domestic incident via smoke, water leak or mains disconnection detectors
  • Remote activation/desactivation from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Tailor-made and scalable protection

Choose peace of mind!
  • 100% wireless alarm:
    Somfy’s systems are installed without any structural work. Each element has already been configured in the factory and is ready for installation.
  • Customizable:
    small apartment or large house, with or without a garden… Somfy’s alarms fit into all configurations and meet all requirements with over 50 connectable elements.
  • Scalable:
    new elements may be added to your system at any time, such as a surveillance camera or an image motion detector.
Remote access when you’re away
  • You can manage your alarm remotely using a computer or smartphone via a secure Internet connection.
  • If you go away for the weekend and can’t remember whether you switched the alarm on… You can check quickly and easily from your smartphone! And you can even access the cameras in your home.

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