General Features

  • Advanced Micro Controller Based Automatic water pump controller with attractive LCD display
  • More than 30 models suitable for all types of pumps
  • User friendly LED / LCD indications
  • User Programmable timer settings
  • User Programmable Voltage and current Settings
  • Auto / OFF / Manual mode of operation

Control Functions

  • Switches OFF the pump when overhead tank is full when the sump tank is empty
  • Switches ON the pump when over head tank is empty & when the sump has enough water


  • Low Voltage (LV) and High voltage (HV) Protection
  • Current Sensing based Dry run and Overload Protection (CT)
  • Sensor based dry run Protection (ST)
  • Advanced Micro Control based Digital single phase Preventer (SPP), protects pump from:
    • Single Phasing
    • Phase Imbalance
    • Phase Reversal

In-built Timers

Delay ON / OFF Timers
To switch ON the pump after specified delay time

Dry run Reset Timers (DRT)
When the pump has been switched OFF by dry run then the controller switch ON the pump after the specified time

Continuous Cyclic Timers (CYC)
To Switch ON / OFF the pump in a specific cyclic manner

Real time Cyclic Timers (RTC)
To Switch ON / OFF the pump in a specified real time

Maximum Run Timer (MRT)
To Control the maximum Run Time of the pump for the particular day

Starting Capacitor Timer (SCT)
To cut OFF the starting capacitor

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