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The most advanced UV purifier

The all new Kent Maxx has many technological advantages which makes it the most advanced UV water purifier. Its innovative features have been designed keeping in mind all problems faced by people in conventional purifiers.

Need for Better UV Purifiers
  • Conventional UV Purifiers only deactivated bacteria and the dead ones remain in purified water. Some of these bacteria can get reactivated with time and change in temperature. Ideally, purification method should remove deactivated bacteria from purified water.
  • Electricity and running water are both essential to purify water. This means if there is no electricity or running tap water then water cannot be purified.
  • One need to stand up for filling the purified water in bottles. For getting 5 Liters one need to stand up for 10 minutes. The whole operation is manual and tedious.
  • Time to change filter is not indicated, also there is no indication whether UV light is operational during purification or not.
Kent Maxx features
  • Fully automatic, UV purifier with storage tan.
  • The innovative Kent Technology provides double purification of UV and UF.
  • Double purification by UF (after UV) removes dead bacteria from fine pores of Hollow Fiber UF membrane and also removes cyst which makes completely pure.
  • High powered 11 Watt UV Lamp is used for purification.
  • Purifier is Computer Controlled. It does not allow water purification if UV fails and gives alarm. Also, it sounds alarm if filter requires change.
  • Fully Automatic operation with auto-on and auto-off facility. There is no need to stand in front of the purifier to fill the purifier water.
  • Stores 7 liter of purified water in transparent tank.
  • Transparent storage tank is detachable and can be cleaned easily to ensure that purified water remains pure.
Technical Specification
  • Purification Capacity : 60 liters/hour
  • Storage Tank Capacity : 7 liters
  • Filter Cartridges : Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF Membrane
  • UF Membrane Pore Size : 0.1 Micron
  • UV Lamp power : 11 Watt
  • Min. Inlet Water Pressure : 0.3 kg/cm2
  • Input Voltage : 160 – 300V AC (50Hz)
  • Operating Voltage : 24V DC
  • Dimensions : L 390 W 285 H 400 (mm)
  • Net Weight : 6.100 kg

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